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The reason there is not tons of bands listed on The Indie Band Vault is, out of the numerous Band / Link submissions received weekly only a few are chosen. Unfortunately, a lot of the submissions are sites that are: "under construction" - "Do not have music on them" - "are all Flash (or not optimized) & take a week to load" - "are way out of the musical genre' represented here" - "or just plain suck musically!" So...each band link submission is checked out for quality, completeness and musical uniqueness. No one wants to sift through a zillion bands only to find a couple that are together & good. So look at The Indie Band Vault as kind of a music web site spam filter, weeding out the nonsense. Not to say that every Band on this site is the greatest (its a matter of opinion I guess) but they are completed sites, fairly fast loading with music on them which gives you the listener an opportunity to decide whether you like them or not. Enjoy!